Keeping Your Kangol Fresh and Clean

Kangol hats and caps top off and complete any ‘fit’ but the urban jungle can take its toll on you and your hats so here’s a few tips to keep them looking factory fresh.

First, it is critical that you first determine what type of hat you are cleaning, and what it is made from. Look at the label to determine the materials it’s composed of, and how you can wash it. “Dry Clean Only” means just that. Ensure that you know how old the hat is, as age can certainly play a part in how you approach cleaning a hat. You should only spot clean hats that may be very old, or are in a delicate state.

If you’re unsure what a particular hat is made of, take a good look at it. You can usually determine what it’s made of by comparing it against another hat. Once you know what materials you’re dealing with, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Before you attack those stubborn stains and odors, you’ll need a few weapons at your disposal. It’s ideal to have a clean towel you can gently stuff inside the hat to help it keep its shape when cleaning and air drying. A second clean cloth is also helpful to have on hand to dampen and gently blot the hat to remove dirt. A soft nylon bristle brush can also work well to gently brush away stains. In extreme cases get yourself some dry powder stain remover. Finally, a steamer can be your best tool for removing odors and getting back that ‘just out of the box’ shape.

You’ve identified your hat, you have the proper tools in place now it’s time to get after that job of returning your hat to brand new. Your first option should be to gently brush the dirt or stain with your nylon brush. If brushing doesn’t completely do the trick, move on to the damp cloth method. Take a clean cloth wet it ever so slightly and use it to gently blot and wipe the area you’re trying to get clean. If there are still remnants of dirt or staining you can move on to the dry powder option being sure to follow the directions on the dry powder cleaner label. Now that you have a dirt and stain free hat you can always steam it to remove odors. Just place a crumpled up clean towel inside the hat to help it keep its shape while steaming and while drying. In severe cases your last option would be taking it to your local reputable dry cleaner.

We never recommend using liquid detergents as these can be difficult to remove from the hat. Never throw your hat in the washing machine as this can permanently affect the hats shape and never dry your hat under any kind of heat. Always let your hat air dry.

Remember with a few tools and patience you can bring your hat back to life. Just go slowly and remember when it comes to cleaning hats, less is more.